BEAST MODE! ‘n’ sh*t

*Author’s note: I actually wrote this on Monday, but literally fell asleep with my computer on my lap before I had time to post this. I was tired. Don’t judge me.

First day of spring semester DOWN!

I had a great time introducing myself and being introduced to my new students. I am missing a couple of my former students, but I think that’s very natural.

At 5 am this morning, I was in the box doing this:

 Followed by this strength workout after school:

And these workouts were beasts! Coupled with the fact that I have started my new pre-workout/fat burner that makes me feel like I’m hopped up on twinkies.

I realized that I have a ton to do tomorrow, so I’ll most likely take an off day and make up for it on Saturday. I’m also making a legitimate attempt to be freakin’ paleo. JUST LET ME GET THROUGH THE FIRST TWO WEEKS.

How are y’all’s work weeks fairing?

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