Monday updates!

So! I’m on my way back to Louisiana after spending the weekend in San Antonio.

For those of you who don’t know, I attended my CrossFit Level 1Trainer’s Seminar and took my Level 1 test. I had a great time (still anxiously awaiting my results though-that thing was tricky!)

Regardless of the test, I had a great time in San Antonio. I got the chance to work with some INCREDIBLE CrossFit athletes who gave me awesome tips and ideas about how to improve my techniques and be more efficient and effective. I got to meet some really cool crossfitters in the Texas area who are just fantastic.

I can’t wait to get home and tell my fellow CrossFit girls at RSCF about how I got to touch Chris Spealler, Neal Maddox AND Pat Barber. (Let’s be honest here, I breathed the same air as them. We practically made out)

I am seriously one lucky girl.
We should get results soon, so please say a couple prayers that I passed (like I said, that shiz was tricky!). I hope everyone has been having a great 3 day weekend and has spent it kicking a*s!

Me and most of my CrossFit Seminar Training crew! From l to r: Pat, Sarah, ME!, Zach, Chris, and Neal
One of my CrossFit IDOLS: Azadeh Boroumand!

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