Bad news, awesome news, and everything in between

GOOD MORNING! It’s Monday, which usually sucks, but I’ve been wildly productive all weekend.

First, some bad news: I’ve had this nagging pain in my left knee and left shoulder. The knee is more recent–it started really bad while I was at the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar. Anyway, it’s gotten pretty aggravating and my doctor friend, VShaw, diagnosed it today as tendonitis. Which sucks balls. So rather than doing the awesome birthday WOD that was posted this morning, I had to do:

16 min. AMRAP
500 m row
20 18lb. KB Swings
10 GHD sit ups

Rounds: 4+220 m.
I have to say, I really hate rowing, but maybe if I do it more, I’ll hate it just a liiiiiittle bit less. Also, Vince says if I rub some Tiger Balm in it, I’ll be fine. (Okay, he didn’t say that, but I wish he did)

BUT, some awesome news: I got my results in from my CrossFit Level 1 Test and…I PASSED! (I’m sure all of you were anxiously waiting) I was so nervous and I’m so thrilled about it. I can’t wait to actually be able to seriously help people on their way to fitness. 

Additional things I’ve learned over the weekend:

1. It is impossible for me to take a nap and I should never attempt it. 3 times this weekend, I have tried to just “nap” for about 30 minutes to an hour and have ended up sleeping for 4+ hours. I also woke up to find myself in odd places (one of which was my hardwood dining room floor). Subsequently, these super power “naps” caused me to miss out on a few things like basketball games, awesome food truck excursions, bowling with the box and Radio Bar. I suck. I also think I may be moderately narcoleptic. 

2. I can set up a TV AND A BLUERAY/DVD player by my-freakin’ self! I am technologically challenged and I swear I can’t figure out all these new gadgets, but I did it and I feel like a badass. Hell yes.

3. A lot of people recently have been emailing me/messaging me on Facebook and asking what motivates me, since I seem to try to be motivating others. The answer is pretty simple: you. Every time I get a message/email/comment/wall post from someone that tells me that something I said/did/posted/screamed encouraged them to get in the gym or work a little harder, I get really motivated. Your motivation pushes me further and I think that’s awesome. I love symbiotic relationships (that’s what that is, right? I don’t know. I wasn’t great in BIOL 1201)

Hope everyone’s having a great Monday so far and gettin’ after it in the gym (or having a super active rest day)!

5 thoughts on “Bad news, awesome news, and everything in between

  1. Did you receive your results the week following on Sunday or Monday? I am anxiously awaiting my test results. Hoping to hear today. Did they give you a score or grade too (other than pass or fail)? Thanks!


  2. Hey Luana! I got my results the Friday following my exam by email. They didn't give me a score or a grade, just a pass and the assurance that I'd get my certificate in the mail 4-6 weeks later! I hope you did awesome (I'm sure you did) and thanks for reading! Make sure to let me know how you do! Good luck!


  3. Holy geeze! Congratu-freakin'-lations!! So proud of you!! Now get out there and cue some people! (Just kidding) I hope you celebrated with a ton of bacon cupcakes and beef jerky. Way to go, girl!


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