HOLLA for Giveaways and Pull Ups!

First, I’d like to say
to Annemarie R. and Lindsay for being the winners of the Asphalt Therapy Wristband Giveaway! Emails have been sent to both of you and you’ll have 3 days to respond with a location where I can mail them to you! HOLLA!

Second, I GOT MY UNASSISTED PULL-UPS TODAY! Y’all have to know that being able to do pull ups unassisted has been hands down, my biggest goal. According to Andrew, I have had the strength, just not the mind set. 

Well this week, I probably watched Camille, my HERO, do Fran about 10,193,871,982,102 times. (see that video here) And every time I watched her do pull ups, I thought, “I HAVE to be able to do that. 

And sure enough, this morning at open gym, I did! I think my mind finally said, “eff this ‘almost’ shiz, you’re GOING to do this.” AND I DID!

Pull up strong!

Another milestone hit! HOLLA for CrossFit!

2 thoughts on “HOLLA for Giveaways and Pull Ups!

  1. THANK YOU! I am so excited. Let me tell you, they're no joke. I got through 7 rounds of a 12 min modified Cindy today and the last 4 I had to band. My arms were completely wasted. But I was pretty excited to have gotten through 3 without!


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