Paleo Challenge UPDATE!

So many of you know that I was participating in our box Paleo challenge this past month and it suuuuuuuucked (at least for the first two weeks) and then it wasn’t so bad. 

In fact, I kind of really liked it at the end. 
Then, I had to get my body fat measurements done Friday.

If you know anything about body fat measurements, you know that you have to weigh yourself. 
And I only lost a pound. 

So I was pretty much bummed out of my mind. I was thinking, “I did all that hard work just to lose a pound. I suck.”

Except that, I only lost a pound…but my body fat decreased…by 3%!

Not only is that great news, but it’s proof (to me) that the scale is pretty much a lie. 

And because I like strict Paleo so much (and I’m a sucker for a challenge) I’ve decided to continue this challenge on my own for the next 30 days. 

SO! Continuing the challenge and seeing how far I can take it! 30 more days! HOLLA!
This isn’t today. It’s actually last Friday (which was my first day free of the Paleo challege) and yes, I did wear an Again Faster shirt to work. Don’t judge.)

PS: There are less than 5 days left in the Real XtremeRX shorts giveaway. Make sure you go HERE for 14 chances to win a free pair AND head on over to and use the code “EatPrayWODRX” to get free shipping!

3 thoughts on “Paleo Challenge UPDATE!

  1. HAHAHAHA so… right now it is my prep time at school. So obvi I'm on your blog instead of doing real work. One of my students looks over at the screen and says “Ms. P- is that you?! Wow!” (keep in mind he is 5!) – referring to your picture at the top of the page. I said, “no that's my friend. She's super strong.” and he goes “yeeeeeaah. cool!!” … So you're a little bit famous in my classroom. hahaha.


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