Spring Break: Weekend Recap

I’m in Texas. Which is no excuse for slacking on my posting…but it’s the reason why I have been. I’ve been spending a ton of time with friends, my parents and my super awesome dogs.

I got into town late(ish) Friday night and my mama had a ton of paleo food waiting on me. Because she’s awesome and loves me. When I come home, the whole house goes paleo. Which is great for everyone’s health, but pretty miserable for their attitudes. BWAHAHAHA.

Mama Nancy LOVES me. A bunch.

Headed out to CrossFit Annihilation to do 13.3. And it sucked. I already posted a video about it, I don’t even want to talk about it again. BUT! Randi took some photos while I did it, so I’ll share.

Notice Kyle looking at me like, “I really hope this chick doesn’t die…at least not in the gym.”

Stupid wallballs. But my Real XtremeRX shorts were AWESOME!

Then, I got to hang with my BFF, Brittany…

…and this super cute cuddlebug! Kylie!


Needless to say, Brittany and I had a blast playing with her, especially since she not only can walk now, but full out runs everywhere. 

We went to Victor’s (Brittany’s favorite Mexican restaurant) where I ate a fajita plate for two. I would have taken a photo, but I was so hungry, I inhaled it before I could.

Brittany and I had plans to hit up the food truck festival…but by the time we got there, they were sold out of tickets. Dammit. We should have known better. It is completely out of our character to be so careless when it comes to eating a ton of good food. 

so we went to Kenny and Ziggy’s where we had the most out-of-control awesome New York style delicatessen sandwiches ever. 

Mine was open faced corned beef and swiss over potatoes. Called the “Knish-nash”. I am in love. It was so huge, I couldn’t finish it, so I had to take it home.

I have to add labels about who the food is for. Nothing is safe in the Herrera household.

And since we were out, we decided to go on a hunt for cake balls…and VOILÁ! We ended up at Petite Sweets where I had an amazing salted caramel cake ball and a BACON CUPCAKE. 

Best. Dessert. Ever.

Then, we went home and while Brittany made a mouth-watering cake, I started watching Nashville and became hooked. And now I’m convinced that I need to cancel my cable, get Hulu and just watch seasons of shows from now on.

So that’s what I’m doing with my break so far! EEK! 
Hope y’all are having a fantastic week!

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