Inspiration: Josh’s Story

Most of my day, when I’m not teaching, working at GNC, crossfitting, blogging, or doing all my day-to-day need-to-do stuff, I’m usually sleeping. But sometimes, I’m online, reading other blogs, playing on pinterest, or being inspired by other people. 

Last week, I ran across a post from a guy in California on my Facebook timeline. He had a before and after picture and the difference was astronomical. Even more so, when I read the story, I knew I had to reach out to him. So I did. 

This is Josh and this is Josh’s story:

“Four months ago, I weighed 263 pounds. I had no idea how heavy I was. I got inspired by my dad doing CrossFit to try and start doing it as well. In fact, we made a bet. The bet was: first person to get below 200 pounds would get $500. I won the bet, but the money wasn’t the sweetest part. It was the feeling of waking up in the morning and get out of bed without a struggle. To be able to take my shirt off and to not have to wear a sweater everyday in public. I currently weigh 187 pounds. I’ve lost 76 pounds in about 4 months and couldn’t be happier. Thank you to all my supporters and thank you to Crossfit Kinnick for helping me change my life.”

Josh: Before and After

I am so excited and proud of all the progress Josh has made! His story really inspired me and I hope that it can inspire all of you on this Monday morning. Remember that with determination and dedication, you can reach any goal you set for yourself. 

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