Simple things I love

Sometimes, when things get very difficult (which they often will), it helps to recognize all the simple things you love. 

1. The way my mom smells
2. The way 5 am feels on a Friday morning
3. Coffee
4. Running Sleeping in on a Saturday morning
5. Yoga pants
6. Snuggling under my super soft fleece blanket
7. Waking up to this kid in the morning

even though he hogs all the damn pillows.

8. Getting a text message from my mama every morning around 8 am.

don’t even try to tell me she isn’t the cutest.

9. The way my daddy can open anything (ANYTHING!)
10. Leather boots
11. Crossing off everything on my to-do list.
12. Laying around with April watching ID channel
13. Doing something nice for someone completely for no reason at all
14. Laughing
15. Reading scary stories

No one else still has nightmares about these stories? Oh.

16. Feeling the heat of my gym
17. Dan Bailey

Hey, boo.

18. My CrossFit pit crew 🙂

I can count on these guys to take care of me.

19. Celebrity gossip
20. Spending time with my best friends

What are somethings you love?

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