I’m the kinda girl who…

I’m late to this link up party, but I’m pretty sure I caught it just in time. 

I’m the kinda girl who…

…would much rather wear sweatpants.

…but can cut up in a pair of heels.

…doesn’t cry, but her face has been known to leak occasionally.

…can chug a beer faster than you (any takers?).

…would take a punch for a friend.

…rhinestones her lifting shoes.

…laughs a lot. And loudly.

…loves to dance. All the time.

…should be careful about how she says things, but usually 

…rarely intends to hurt feelings, but if the intention is there…you’ll know it.

…would prefer staying on the couch than going out to a club…

…but is always down for a glass of wine.

…loves her mama and her daddy.

…is a legitimate nerd.

…loves punctuation.

giggles falls out laughing at dirty jokes.

…uses too many curse words.

…is matter of fact about a lot of things and sometimes that matter of factness makes her appear apathetic.

…does the right thing because it’s the right thing. 

…has an awkward sense of humor, but has a pretty okay sense of comedic timing. 

…is loyal to a fault.

…will tell you what she thinks/how she feels, all you need to do is ask.

…just wants to do shit that makes her happy. 

photo by Mike Buck Photography

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