24 Hours

In just over 24 hours, CrossFit Open season will begin.
Holy shit. 

My entire stomach is a complete jumble of ridiculous butterflies, knots, and bricks. 

In just over 24 hours, I get the chance to “prove my fitness” every week for 5 weeks. 

Last year, I talked about why it was important for me to compete in the Open after just 8 months of CrossFit.

This year, it’s even more important because I’m competing against my old self. I’m now about a year and 7 months in and I want to beat 8 month old Aislinn. 

Am I going to qualify for regionals? Maybe Probably not.
I just want to beat me. 

I know my story over the past year. There were times that I ate too many cookies and lost my motivation. But I got back on track. Over the past few weeks, a drop in my weight and increase in strength has led to a lot of PRs that I didn’t think I’d get ever. 


Things I’m hoping to see? Clean and Jerks. Snatches. Squats.
Things I could do without? Double unders. Box jumps. Chest to bar pull ups. 

Things I’m going to do: beat myself. Be better. Work harder. Move until the time cap ends. Take fewer breaks. Push through the pain. Leave a sweat angel on the floor. Leave everything else on the floor, too. 

So if you’re doing the Open, I hope you’re amping yourself up right now. AND RESTING. 
If you’re not doing the Open–I don’t care if you’ve been doing this shit for 2 days or 10 years, I hope you get your ass signed up because this shit is important. And fun.

If you’re trying to finish the Open judges’ course…well, God be with you because that shit is hard (Thanks CrossFit HQ). 

We have 24 hours, folks.
Let’s get shit done. 

***All photos are courtesy of Mike Buck Photography***

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