About Me

I am Aislinn. I’m a 30 year old high school teacher. I was born in south Texas and was lucky enough to split my time growing up between there and Houston. I graduated high school and attended LSU, a decision that would have me stay in Louisiana for almost 10 years.


This blog started in 2012 under the name “Eat.Pray.WOD”. I had just started CrossFit because I was fat. Really fat. And I wanted to lose weight. A lot changed in the 2 years I was writing, so much so that I stopped altogether. I felt like I couldn’t connect anymore.

I moved back to Texas about 4 years ago. I had a business and sold it. I returned to my passion: teaching. I kind of thought maybe blogging wasn’t for me anymore. I kind of thought a lot of things weren’t for me anymore.

After a friend (*cough* KB *cough*) recently rebranded her entire business (!!!) I realized that I still had things to say but maybe I had outgrown my former blog. That’s normal, right? Growth?

So here we are. Growing.

Join me.