“I hope today is your worst day ever.”

My mom used to say that to me as a kid.

Before you get upset and think Mama Nancy is the worst mom ever, give me a second. When I was young and used to find myself in the middle of a breakdown, declaring that “TODAY IS THE WORST DAY EVER,” she used to say, “I hope today is the worst day ever, because if it is, you’ll never, ever have another day as bad as this one. And tomorrow is almost here.”

She’s smart, that one.
Without fail, I would look back on my “worst day ever” and, suddenly, it didn’t seem so bad. My mother is magic.

2017 has shown me a lot of “worst days ever”. Far more than I ever could have anticipated and certainly far more than I think I deserve. I won’t lie, this year (especially the last half of this year) has been more than trying to say the least. And at some point, I decided to stop fighting the storm and open my sails. To let life take me where it takes me and roll with it.

Nothing about that has been easy for someone who is a planner and needs control. But that’s the thing about “worst days”.

They’re uncontrollable and unpredictable.

But, if today is your worst day ever, then you’ll never, ever have a worse one than this one. And tomorrow is almost here.

Post Harvey

That’s pretty much everything I own on the curb in front of my house.


Life, Lately

Life seems to be moving so quickly. It feels like I was just getting to the September part of my planner and all of a sudden, I’m almost to October. 

This is both exciting and scary. Exciting because that means I’m that much closer to finishing this masters program and heading home to Texas (!!!), scary because I’m that much closer to finishing my masters program, heading to Texas, and I have no freakin’ clue what I’m going to do when I get there. 

I spend a lot of time here

Welcome to the stadium weight room

And I’m pretty thankful for it since my crazy freakin’ schedule doesn’t just give me all the freedom I want. 

Football season has officially started for me: I finally got to attend my tailgate with my friends this past weekend for the Auburn game and had an incredible time. 

This girl came down for the game! Can you believe Sharon is 14 weeks out from a total knee replacement? What a beast!

I don’t have too many pictures because…uh…I got a little too involved in flip cup games. 

I’ve been getting in training when I can at CrossFit. I’m really excited about a change in our class schedule that will hopefully allow me to make it there after class. Can’t get better at CrossFit if you don’t actually do CrossFit, right?

All in all, I’m happy. Tired–exhausted, really–but happy. Things are going well and fast. And that makes me happy. 

What’s goin’ on in y’alls lives lately?

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