Life, Lately

Life seems to be moving so quickly. It feels like I was just getting to the September part of my planner and all of a sudden, I’m almost to October. 

This is both exciting and scary. Exciting because that means I’m that much closer to finishing this masters program and heading home to Texas (!!!), scary because I’m that much closer to finishing my masters program, heading to Texas, and I have no freakin’ clue what I’m going to do when I get there. 

I spend a lot of time here

Welcome to the stadium weight room

And I’m pretty thankful for it since my crazy freakin’ schedule doesn’t just give me all the freedom I want. 

Football season has officially started for me: I finally got to attend my tailgate with my friends this past weekend for the Auburn game and had an incredible time. 

This girl came down for the game! Can you believe Sharon is 14 weeks out from a total knee replacement? What a beast!

I don’t have too many pictures because…uh…I got a little too involved in flip cup games. 

I’ve been getting in training when I can at CrossFit. I’m really excited about a change in our class schedule that will hopefully allow me to make it there after class. Can’t get better at CrossFit if you don’t actually do CrossFit, right?

All in all, I’m happy. Tired–exhausted, really–but happy. Things are going well and fast. And that makes me happy. 

What’s goin’ on in y’alls lives lately?

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A’in some Q’s

So. I’ve got some Q’s that need A’in’ so today, on this marvelous Thursday, I’m gonna do just that.

1. Where the hell have you been?
I’ve been barracading myself in my temporary office at LSU. Between studying, teaching, working, working out, and attempting to sleep every once in awhile, I actually have no idea what is going on ever. I found myself asleep on top of my dryer last night for a quick nap before I woke up and read more chapters for class. In case anyone’s interested, your laundry room is a fantastic place to nap.

Right you are.

2. You started running. How do you know when to run, how far to run, etc?
I started doing the Couch to 5K program which has a free app for iPhone (and Android, I believe). I’m very lucky that the developers of this app not only integrated a music component that uses my own music, but also a cheery lady  voice that reminds me when it’s time to jog and time to walk.
It also has an automatic status update available for you when you finish your workout for the day to let your facebook friends and twitter followers know when you finish your day. Because, you know, if you can’t tweet about it/facebook about it then it didn’t actually happen.

3. What classes do you teach?
I teach undergraduate jogging, weightlifting, and principles of conditioning. Those poor students.

4. I bet you’re the nicest teacher ever.
Most of my students would disagree.

5. How’s the nutrition thing going?
It’s going well. It’s been a little harder since school started since I spend so little time at home, but it’s still going. I’m hoping to have an awesome photo session in a month and a half to keep my motivation up.

6. After the CrossFit games, is Camille still your favorite girl athlete?
Uh, yes. I would never abandon Cammie. But it should also be noted that I met Jenn Jones at regionals, she trains at coaches in Houston, and she’s one of the nicest athletes ever. I was cheering her on so hard and I’m so happy that she placed as high as she did. Definitely one of my new favorites.

7. When do you go to the gym now?
Whenever I can. I recently started going back to 5 am class and loved it. I missed it so much. All of my RSCF family is so great, but there’s something about 5 am that’s unbeatable for me. Maybe it’s because we’re all nuts. Whatevs.

8. Are you really competing at Battle of the Fittest in Alexandria this weekend? RX or Scaled? Can I come talk to you?
Yes, I really am. I’m competing with my friend Nicole in the scaled division (Southern BarBELLEs, what’s up!) and I’m super excited/nervous about it. And OF COURSE you can come talk to me. Kidding me? You would make my day. Fo’ reals.

9. Did you find a boyfriend yet?
No. I am developing a questionable and potentially unhealthy relationship with my daily planner AND my Research Methods book.

10. What are you studying in school and when do you graduate? What the heck are you gonna do when you graduate?
I am a graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology at LSU. I focus on Sports Pedagogy and Psychology with an additional focus on strength and conditioning and integrated rehabilitation. This is a lot of words to say: I teach people to pick up heavy things and put them down in order to make their lives better (hopefully). My research focuses on the role of physical and nutritional education in low income neighborhoods. I graduate (God willing) in August of 2014. After graduation, I’m planning on moving back to Texas and securing a position as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. That’s all, of course, dependent on me actually–you know–graduating.

And I’m off to read for Methods and wait patiently until my class starts at 4:30…or maybe I’ll end up taking an involuntary nap.

Go. G-E-A-U-X. Geaux.

Can we please stop for a second and revel in something? Okay, so I’m a grad student right? I’m working on my masters in Kinesiology focusing in pedagogy and strength and conditioning. I finished my first semester in August and cheese and rice it was hard.

Thankfully, I worked my entire ass off and-lo and behold-I got a 4.0. Which is definitely worth it considering all the nights I stayed up actually reading all those case studies for Dr. Garn’s class. 

Say what? Did this really happen? It did. (sorry for the crappy screenshot. I suck)

And THEN…I got offered a Graduate Assistantship with my department. In case you’re not aware of what that means (don’t be shamed, I had NO idea what it meant), I get to teach class at LSU. Like, I get to TEACH CLASS at LSU. So I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to teach Weightlifting, Jogging, and Principles of Conditioning…AT LSU. Holy crap. 
That shiz is cool.
Not so cool? The first day of school is literally 4 days away.

Me, writing my syllabi.

While teaching is not new to me (duh) this is definitely a new endeavor. 

SO! Say a little (or a whole lot) prayer and wish me luck as I’m officially on staff at LSU as a graduate assistant. 

AND there are less than 14 days until kickoff.


So I’m just at home the other night, being a good grad student and analyzing case studies like this:

Just kidding. I usually look like this:

This is confusion, people! Excuse my bra strap photo bomb.

And so I did what I always do when my schoolwork confuses me: get on facebook.

And my head coach’s awesome wife, Mama Melissa, posts this article about…(dun, dun, DUNNNN!) cellulite. Specifically, female athlete cellulite.

And I’m all like, “ew, Mel, it’s bad enough that I have to look at my own freakin’ cellulite, I don’t wanna read about someone else’s.” 

But being the sick individual that I am, I’m like, “well, I guess it’ll make me feel better about my own if I read about someone else’s so let’s do that shiz.” 

So I did. And I’m so glad I did. 
You can read the really awesome and enlightening article HERE.

Know what’s funny? I really beat myself up about cellulite. I’m all analyzing myself in the mirror and picking out every perceived dimple or dent or whatever I can find to beat myself up about. But I NEVER notice it on other women. Like, ever. When I look at other girls working out with me or other women in general, I always find their best characteristics. And it always shocks me when they mention how insecure with their bodies they are. 

They’re all like, “I hate my thunder thighs, I have all this cellulite…”
And I’m like, “are you kidding me? Your legs are awesome!” 

I think this article really helped me realize four very important things:
A) everyone has cellulite. Literally. Everyone. It’s just natural.
B) I really am my own worst enemy. Everyone doesn’t seek out all my flaws just like I don’t seek out their flaws.
C) Based on the comments in on that awesome article, guys don’t give a shit about cellulite. As one spot-on guy put it, “‘that girl’s really hot…but she has cellulite, said no guy ever.'”
D) As Mama Melissa said, we live in Louisiana and it’s too damn hot to wear workout pants. So embrace your legs and wear some booty shorts!

Thankful Wednesday on a Monday?

I normally do Thankful Wednesday on…uh…Wednesdays, but I had to post this today. 

Most of you know that I’ll be starting a new adventure this summer. I’ll be heading to Graduate School at LSU where I’ll study Kinesiology. I am super excited about it and I’ve been really looking forward to it. The one thing that’s really been stressing me is: how am I going to pay for it and how am I going to survive while I’m in graduate school?

I am a teacher and while, yes, the paid hours are pretty good, most people don’t really realize how much time and unpaid hours it takes outside of school to be a good teacher. There’s 
more grading, 
more planning, 
planning for the unplanned, 
developing alternate assignments for gifted students, 
and developing alternate assignments for students who need extra help. 
It’s kind of a lot. And that’s just when you teach one subject. If you teach two or more subjects like me, take everything I just said and multiply it by 3. 
And let’s not even talk about how it’s been made so complicated for me to finish my certification program. Gotta be kidding me!

So over the weekend, I did a lot of thinking and a lot of discussing my options with Mama Nancy and Daddy Carlos. 

And, finally, we came up with a plan:
Begin my program this summer and continue with a minimum 9 hours of coursework every semester.
No teaching next year-I want to make sure that I can focus on school and getting the best grades (and experience) I can.
Re-prioritize my budget to shrink down bills and consolidate money to save.
Ultimate goal: complete grad school program in a year (year and a half-max) and return to the Lone Star State.

Decision: made.

And with all that stressful decision making out of the way, I wanna take a moment to say how THANKFUL I am for my parents for putting up with me and my crazy life.

So thankful for these guys! (And no, that’s not me with my daddy-it’s my sister, Celina. But it’s the best picture of our dad!)

Mom and Dad,
Thank you so much for always supporting my crazy dreams. I know sometimes it feels like I change my mind every other day, but thank you for always keeping me grounded and focused on the things that I need to do. Thank you for always filling up my gas tank before I head back to Louisiana from Texas. Thank you for always making sure that my meals are paleo when I come home and for keeping my room open for me when I visit. Thank you for never erasing the height marks that Anthony, Brittany, and I made in my bathroom (although, to be honest, we made them in brown eyeliner pencil, so I’m not sure they’d come off anyway). Thanks for letting me sleep in when I’m home even though “sleeping in” now is 730 am. Thank you for the endless pots of coffee, always answering the phone when I call, and daily morning text messages. Thank you for making continuous strips of bacon, taking me shopping when I need new clothes, and Sunday afternoon phone calls. Thanks for all the “phone call favors” you call in to St. Jude for me and always praying that I’ll find happiness in whatever I do. Thanks for being involved in my crossfitting and always asking how it went, what I’m doing, or what PR I’ve hit recently…even if y’all do think every lift is called “snatch”. Oh, and thank you for finally reading my “blog-journal-thing”. It means a lot to me that you guys realized I write good stuff sometimes. 

I love you both, big big.
-Aislinn Alysse

Stop talkin’ ’bout it. Be about it.

I’ve been in kind of a funk, y’all. 

Not like an, “omg, I’m so depressed, I hate my whole life” funk, just like a, “am I really happy? Could I be doing things that make me happier?” funk. 

I guess for the past semester or so (I’m a teacher, I still think in terms of semesters. Sue me.) I’ve been a little stressed, pretty overwhelmed and just in a funk. Maybe it’s a, “I’m at an impasse in my life and I need to make some decisions, but I’m scared about what to do and how I should do it” funk. 

And I really don’t wanna make a decision that’s gonna irreparably fudge up my life. 

BUT. As I was watching my new favorite show, Nashville, I heard this and was pretty inspired.
“I know it’d be real scary to think about losing everybody, but wouldn’t it be scarier to lose yourself? There’s thinkin’ about doin’ something and then, there’s just doin’ it.”

And that’s pretty legit if you ask me. I could talk about doing shiz all day, but if I don’t do something to push myself in the direction of what I want, then I’m really just that: all talk. 

So I’m going to do myself a favor and stop looking at all the things in my way of doing what I’m supposed to do and just do it. I’m gonna stop talking myself down by saying things like, “I really want to but…” and “If I could, I would.”

There are no buts. I can and I will.

And I’m really hoping that doing instead of thinking about doing will lead me to my goal and keep me, me. 

Making decisions is hard, being a grown up is scary (and sucks), but I think maybe I’m getting the hang of this thing. 

Clearly a grown up. Right? I don’t know. Maybe.

Stop talkin’ ’bout it, be about it.