Monday Morning Gossip

Y’all already know that my weekends are completely ridiculous. I don’t have too much time to play with my friends because I’m always so busy…but when I have time to play and can schedule it, I play HARD.

So two months ago, my friend J tells us that she’s gonna be in New Orleans for the weekend of July 20th, we are thrilled. Beyond thrilled. I can’t think of a better reason to get drunk than because J is in town. AND THEN Hope tells us she’s coming to town, ON THE SAME WEEKEND.

Welp, that just means get out of body drunk. That’s normal, right?

Highlights of last weekend (only because I’m having trouble remembering all of last weekend)
-Eating dinner at Evangeline on Decatur. Steak was great.
-I had two fantastic beers, but I can’t remember what the hell kind of beer they were.
-J approved of my teaching style. Kids need a little more real.
-Kelly decided I could not teach her future kids. Too bad I’m still their aunt, though.
-Kristen and Carnell showed up to dinner an hour late. This is nothing new.
-We were the loudest ones in the entire restaurant. Also nothing new.
-J has good taste in friends.
-The walk to Bourbon street is far longer and more crowded than I remember.
-I still believe that the Horny Gator from Tropical Isle tastes better than the Hand Grenade.
-We walked. A lot.
-I rejoined the active Twitter world just to be rude and realized I should come back (@_eatpraywod or @petitzydeco2)
-The Trayvon Martin Rally for justice passed through. I appreciated the effort. I think it would have been more well served if half the people marching weren’t drinking/visibly drunk.
-We walked. More.
-I wondered what thought process encourages women to walk around with only fishnet tights on.
-I admired J and both of her friends for walking in heels all night. Wondered when I became so lazy.
-Saw Chanae’ and my old roommate Chincie. I missed them too much. TOO MUCH.
-Went to the east.
-Stayed up all night and helped my friends break in their new hookah.
-Drove back to Baton Rouge at 9 am
-Went to work, then passed out at 2:30 pm and slept until literally 7 this morning.

I would have more photos, but I’m completely sure that I had trouble using my phone after the first Horny Gator I had.

And I clearly haven’t lost my love for GIFs.
How was y’all’s weekend?
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Friday Round-Up

During the week there are a ton of odds and ends that I wanna put in a post, but I never do. Why? Because they don’t necessarily fit anywhere. It’s like, if I stick ’em in there, you’d read it and go, “well, that was awkward” Assuming you don’t do that already. Do you? Probably. I’m really awkward as it is.

So a round up Friday it is!

If you haven’t yet entered to win a FREE LatitudeGearRX shirt, you are missing out, yo. They’re awesome, super cute shirts designed to make you feel like a badass in the gym. Obvs. And they’re letting me give away 5 of them for the free. You can visit their website here and pick which shirt you like most. Then you can go to my giveaway post here and get thirty-nine entries to win. Lucky you!

Cute shirt, right? Go win you one! 

If you’re a crossfitter, you know that across the globe, teams are getting ready to compete at their respective crossfit regional competition…and my team is no different! The Red Stick CrossFit regionals team is busting ass in the gym to compete at South Central regionals this Memorial Day weekend. They are still raising money for the trip and it would be awesome if you (or someone you know) could help us out. You can check out the fundraising page here. Oh. And if you’re in the Baton Rouge area this weekend, RSCF is hosting a car wash on May 11! Run by RSCF and get your ride pimped or whatever. Donations welcome!

Check out these adorable mugs. Help ’em get to regionals, y’all! All photos by Mike Buck Photography and totes stolen from RSCF’s Facebook Page.  PS: I am not a skilled photo-putter-together-er. It only took me 2.5 hours to do this. Don’t judge. Things I will never get to be when I grow up: a graphic designer.

In case you didn’t see yesterday, your girl is ranked in the top 10 in her entire region for sales at GNC last month! HOLLA for hard work!

This is my dad’s way of expressing that he’s proud of me. Seems legit. Made me have a big ol’ smile on my face. Love the big guy. PS: if you’re reading this and thinking, “Ace sent me the EXACT same message.” I did. I copied and pasted to all the important people in life. Get over it. At least I think you’re important. 

I’m trying to con Mama Nancy into writing a guest blog post for Mother’s Day. I texted her about it this morning and she hasn’t responded yet. But I know she saw it because the read receipt said she saw it. Thanks, iMessage, for allowing creepy daughters and paranoid girlfriend/boyfriends to become even more creepy and paranoid. 

If you haven’t seen lately, there’s an urban lifting movement currently taking over the lifting world. Basically, people are lifting in everyday places. Like planking…but with weights. So obviously better and way less stupid. And I am totes excited to join in. My friend Alex mentioned it today on her facebook status, so clearly it must begin. Be on the lookout for urban lifting photos all over the world. Or just all over Louisiana and Texas. Since, you know, that’s where I live.

Best things last: I am way overjoyed to have a WHOLE WEEKEND OFF and spend it at a cochon de lait with My BFF April (this is her name in my phone), LCP, and MEC. I put their initials to protect the names of the innocent. I fully expect to drink to excess and have a great time. 

I’m also linking up for That Friday Blog Hop, so if you have some free time, feel free to click the button and hop on some other cool blogs! Since, you know, that’s what I do with my free time so I’m sure everyone else does, too. 
xoxo Rebecca
It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby I’m about to have me some fun. 
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