Why “Caliche Road”?

“Caliche” is a sedimentary kind of stone found in a lot of places but most significantly for me, south Texas. If you’re gonna get where you’re going in my hometown, chances are, you’re going down a caliche road to get there. Caliche rock (and in this case, road) is formed slowly and over time. As it develops, it binds other things together, kind of like natural cement. It is very tough, pretty strong, and very often a pain in the ass. Much like me.

Do you still CrossFit?

Absolutely. Although I sold my box, I am now at a new box in Katy, Texas. Fidelis CrossFit has welcomed me with open arms and I am lucky to call myself a member, a coach, and a social media specialist for them!

You do calligraphy? I thought that was only for, like, old people.

Okay, first, calligraphy is the shit. Second, yeah I DO! It’s pretty cool and I can make some cool stuff. Feel free to check my calligraphy Instagram out, it’s pretty legit.

What do you teach?

I was teaching Spanish but I will now be teaching a class called Teen Leadership.

What the heck is Teen Leadership?

I’m glad you asked. Teen Leadership is a class designed to empower kids to become adults. What does that mean? Basically it means helping them realize how to make choices (sometimes tough choices) for themselves and encouraging them to see that they are the makers of their own destinies.